Premarital Check Up for Men - Basic Package

Premarital Check Up for Men - Basic Package

Rp. 700.000

Experienced Medical Team

Modern Medical Equipment

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The price includes for 2 people

Pre-marital Check-up for Men is a health examination conducted before marriage to ensure the health condition of the groom-to-be and provide medical recommendations if any health issues are found. The results of this examination will assist the couple in making informed decisions about addressing the identified health conditions and preparing themselves for a healthy and happy married life.

Premarital Check Up for Men - Basic Package includes:

  • Examination and Consultation with a General Practitioner
  • Laboratory Tests:
    • Complete Blood Test
    • ABO Blood Group + Rhesus
  • Infectious Disease Screening:
    • HbsAg
    • Anti HBs
    • Anti HCV
    • HIV Screening
    • VDRL
    • TPHA
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